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Green Schools

Welcome to our Green Schools page. We are currently working on the Biodiversity theme. Biodiversity is all about plants and animals.

Our ultimate aim is to make students, parents and teachers aware of the importance of Biodiversity in our world. 

Biodiversity is so important that 2011-2020 has been declared the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, has this to say:

"Biodiversity underpins the functioning of the ecosystems on which we depend for food and fresh water, health and recreation, and protection from natural disasters. Its loss also affects us culturally and spiritually. This may be more difficult to quantify, but it is nonetheless integral to our wellbeing".

You might like to have a look at our Action Plan below and follow our progress as we work through the Green Schools Biodiversity programme:

Biodiversity Action Plan



Target 1:  To ensure that the whole school is fully aware of the Green-Schools Biodiversity programme and to encourage their participation in the programme

Target 2:  To ensure that the pupils and staff in our school learn about the plants and animals in our area

Target 3:   To introduce more plants and animals to our school grounds

Target 4:  To make the members of our wider community aware of the importance of Biodiversity in our area


Person/Group Responsible


A presentation about Ireland’s bees to the whole school.

The Secret Life of Ireland’s Bees

September 2014

GS Co-ordinator to attend a Teacher Training Seminar on Biodiversity theme

GS Co-ordinator and Education Officer

October 2014

Form our committee

GS Co-ordinator and Class Teachers

October 2014

Update the Green Schools page on the school website to inform pupils, teachers, parents and the wider community that the school is now participating in the Green Schools Biodiversity programme

GS Co-ordinator and GS Committee

Ongoing from October 2014

The Infants went on a Nature Treasure Hunt to Curraghchase

Ms Lillis

Ms Collins



Second and third class went on a field trip to Ringmoylan to learn about the birds who visit the Estuary for the winter

Geoff Hunt,

Ms Doyle



Second and third class went on a field trip to Curraghchase to study the plants and animals.

Geoff Hunt,

Ms Doyle



We put up bird feeders.

Ms Greene, Chris Kelly (caretaker)

January 2015

All classes studied the birds who came to our bird feeders to eat

Geoff Hunt,

All class teachers

January 2015

First and second class went on a field trip to Adare Park to study the plants and animals

Geoff Hunt,

Ms Murphy



Senior Infants, !st, 2nd and 3rd classes studies insects

Geoff Hunt, Mr Gleeson, Mr Kiely, Ms Keary

September 2015