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Walkability Audit 2013

Walkability Audit 12/04/13

On the 12/04/13 Angela Wall, Travel Education Officer with An Taisce visited our school to help the Green Schools Committee conduct a Walkability Audit.

This audit took place along the route between Scoil Mhuire and the Community Centre in Pallaskenry.

The purpose of the audit was to take note of safety concerns, environmental issues, road signage, driver behaviour and the distance of the route.

Each committee member had a particular job to do as part of the audit.

walkability image 1

Distance and time
·      The distance of the route is 0.25 km.
·      It took 2 minutes to walk.
·      Nathan, Eoin, Grainne and Oran used pedometers to measure the number of steps taken to complete the journey. It took an average of 374 steps.

Speed limit and driver behaviour
·      The speed limit along the route is 50km per hour.
·      We observed a lot of traffic along the route including 32 cars, 4 lorries and 4 vans. We saw 4 people walking.
·      Some drivers appeared to be driving over the speed limit along the route.

walk ability image 3

The following entrances may be in use as you walk along the route so take care!

 walk ability image 5 walk ability image 6

·      There is a footpath along the entire route from the school to the community centre.
·      The footpath was safe to walk and there was enough room for seven people to walk side by side in parts of it.

·      There are some minor cracks along the footpath in places so watch your footing while you walk.

walk ability image 7

Possible Obstacles along the Route:

  walk ability image 9
 walk ability image 10 walk ability image 1a

Walk on Wednesdays

We arrived safely at the Community Centre. But we decided that there are not enough parking spaces there for our Park and Stride initiative. Instead we decided that the GAA pitch is a better Park and Stride location as there are a lot more parking spaces there. There is a footpath from the GAA pitch to the top of the village but to get to the school we need to cross the road at a very dangerous junction. We decided that we will walk further down the street and find a safer place to cross. Then after that we will have a footpath all the way to the school. Our community WOW day will take place on June 12th 2013.