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Homework note Week 9

posted 3 Nov 2015, 07:54 by Vincent Gleeson

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. See our class website for some photos of the children. Thank you for signing the tests before the Halloween break. If you find a test in the homework folder please sign and return it to me. We have a Parent-Teacher meeting planned for Thursday Nov 26th 3.15 to 6.15. We have PE on Mondays and Thursday so please ensure that your child has suitable runners on those days.

Just a few notes.

Aistear Theme The Farm

Word Wallet activities. (These are progressing)

Jolly Phonics – for each sound

1.     Match the green sound, make the sound and show you the action.

2.    Ask the children to make a word or words using the sounds (green cards) they already have. This week we are working on words that contain the “ch” sound. Try to make these words

yes, yo, fox, box,

chin, chick, chain, cheese and chair,

Tricky Word activities. – Children will be revising the Tricky Words starting this week. Tricky Words are very common words that do not follow the Jolly Phonics rules. They can’t be broken down and sounded out like most words. They must be just learned. Seniors will be revising the words. 1st class will be writing sentences with these words. See the Jolly Phonics link on our website for more on Trick Words.

1.     Match the coloured card to its place on the white card. (Place the “they” on top of the white “they”)

2.    Say the word.

3.    Ask the children for a sentence with that word in it. (I saw that they were lost.)


This week we will talk about our Halloween, learn about Antarctica, and play some football and dominoes. 1st Class will be learning more spellings and the 4+ tables.


Mr. Gleeson.


Homework Monday – Thursday

Bookworm club reader and Word Wallet

Seniors - Maths Handout (½ page each night)

               Jolly Phonics Workbook 2 p3 & p5 (½page each night)

1st Class –       Maths Handout (½page each night)

Tricky Word Sentences – See Handout 2 sentences per night.

Spellings - day words

Tables p16 4+

Our religion workbook “Grow In Love” has a home activity each week.