National COW Day 2013

Here are some photos of our COW day:

Hazel's dad keeps a watchful eye over her!

These twins look pretty in their pink hi-vis vests!

These 6th class girls parked and cycled.

The Kavanaghs are happy that they cycled to school!

Adam is a very confident cyclist!

Zoe has to manoeuvre her way through the crowd!

The Gaumont family part 1!

The Gaumont family part 2!

Áine looks the part in her onsie!

Daniel is wearing his sister's onsie for one day only!

This tot came to school in his buggy!

Darragh and Fionn have the sun in their eyes!

TJ is proud that he took part in COW Day!

Nathan is taking it all in his stride!

The whole Cullen family are active as usual!

Gerard and Hazel hold onto their tails!

Kevin is a very happy COW!

These COWs look a bit fierce!

Emma is a moody COW!