Homework Note Week 5

Post date: 25-Sep-2016 23:15:24

Dear Parents,

We have our school mass at 9.30 on this Tuesday. We had a few visitors to the school last week and the children were fantastic answering questions and telling them what they know. We plan to visit Curraghchase Forest Park in October. Date to be confirmed soon.


We are now introducing some aspects of the Aistear curriculum to the classroom. The children will be given time to creatively play using a given theme. Our first theme is the “The Building Site”. If you have some items at home that would help us play please send them in. We will return them in a few weeks when we move on to another theme. Please do not buy anything new. Old items or clothes would be perfect. There is some additional information on Aistear in the homework folder this week. If you have any questions please ask.

Aistear Theme the Building Site

Word Wallet activities. (These are progressing)

Jolly Phonics – for each sound

1. Match the green sound, make the sound and show you the action.

2. Ask the children to make a word or words using the sounds (green cards) they already have. This week we are working on words that contain the “ai” sound. Try to make these words

e.g. aim, rain, sail, pain, tail, rail, nail, fail, snail, brain, hail, train

Make sure to use the “ai” sound and not the a and i

Sight Word activities.

1. Match the blue card to its place on the white card. (Place the blue Luke on top of the white Luke)

2. Children say the name.

3. Ask the children for a sentence or sentences with that name in it. (Luke has a red car.)

4. Suggest that they give you a sentence where the word Luke is not at the start of the sentence.

If you need to make a new sound or name you can use the reverse of this page stuck to a piece of card. I will give dojo points to the children who have all of theirs.

This week we will play in our building site and look for signs of Autumn.

1st Class will continue learning spellings and 1+ tables.


Mr. Gleeson.

Homework Monday – Thursday

Bookworm club reader and Word Wallet activities (if enclosed)

Seniors – Operation Maths Home Book P8 and 9 (½page each night)

Jolly Phonics Workbook 1 p14 & p15 (½page each night) Add some colour !!

1st Class – Operation Maths Home Book P7 and 8 (½page each night)

- Handwriting Practice p13-16 (1 page each night)

- Spellings ch words (see spelling copy)

- Tables p8 1+

Seniors/1st Class Names 2016/2017 (Shaded)

Jolly Phonics 42 sounds in order with a sample word.(Shaded)

Put in a tick ü if correct and a l if not known yet