Note Home Week 1

Post date: 31-Aug-2017 19:44:05

Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome from Seniors/1st Class for 2017/18.

Some of the children will know me and the routines of the class already. For those who don’t my name is Vincent Gleeson and I’m looking forward to working with you and your children this school year.

I have children in primary school too so I appreciate all the effort in getting all the items on the book list for the first day. We have a hard working team here in the school and I have Margaret Broderick (SNA) and Irene O’Connor (Learning Support/Resource) assisting me.

If you are missing something I will write it here


The plan is that on Mondays I will give you a note in the homework folder with all the homework for the week. It will also let you know some of the things we are doing in class and the homework will usually tie in with what we are doing in class that week.

Jolly Phonics

We will be revising our Jolly Phonics sounds and words. There are 42 letter sounds in all and we will be working our way through them. If you want to know the letter sounds check out the Jolly Phonics link on our class website. The sounds are on the other side of this page


Next week I hope to give out one reader. I will endeavour to have them reading a book that is at their level. This may take a week or two to establish. Please fill out the Bookworm reading log so we can track your child’s reading progress. The Bookworm reading log can be kept in the homework folder.

All items

Please ensure that you have your child’s name on all equipment and clothes, jackets etc. This will greatly help if they go missing.

This week we will start reading the names of the children in the class (see over), talking about our summer holidays from school and the All-Ireland hurling final on Sunday. We will be sorting lots of items and finding out about some of the resources we have in the class.

I am committed to working with you the parents and guardians to help the children progress and enjoy school so please do ask me questions or let me know anything that might help me achieve this.

My school email is and I usually check that most days.

Watch out for what we are doing in class on our class website at

or just Google “pallaskenry national school” and click on the Seniors and 1st link on the lower left side.


Mr. Gleeson

Seniors/1st Class Names 2017/2018

Jolly Phonics 42 sounds in order.