Homework note Week 4

Post date: 20-Sep-2015 22:46:19

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your sending in the items for our Grocery Shop. We are now using our school iPads for literacy and numeracy activities several times each week. Ideally I would like each child to have their own earphones. The small earphone type that comes with a mobile phone is perfect. If you have some earphones please send them in. We will keep them in their bag.

Just a few notes.

Aistear Theme the Grocery Shop

Word Wallet activities. (These are progressing)

Jolly Phonics – for each sound

1. Match the green sound to its place on the white card. (Place the green a on top of the white a)

2. Children make the sound and show you the action. (e.g. a, a, a ants on my arm)

3. Ask the children to make a word or words using the sounds (green cards) they already have. e.g. rain, pain, snail, aim etc... Make sure they use the “ai” sound and not the “a” and “i”

Sight Word activities.

1. Match the blue card to its place on the white card. (Place the blue Brian on top of the white Brian)

2. Children say the name.

3. Ask the children for a sentence or sentences with that name in it. (Brian has a red car.)

4. Suggest that they give you a sentence where the word Brian is not at the start of the sentence.

Some children have lost a green sound. Please just make a new one on a bit of card. I will give rewards to the children who have all of theirs.

Every week I will ask the children for their news. You could help them prepare by asking them

What news will you tell your class about?

This week we will play in our grocery shop, make predictions based on what we know already (What do you think will happen next in the story?). I will endeavour to have the children out on time at their home time.


Mr. Gleeson.

Homework Monday – Thursday

Bookworm club reader and Word Wallet

Seniors - Planet Maths P7-10, (1 page each night)

Jolly Phonics Workbook 1 p13 & p15 (½page each night)

1st Class – Maths Handout (½page each night)

Just Handwriting p3 & 4 (½ page each night)

1st Class will start to use their Homework Diary this week.

Our religion workbook “Grow In Love” has a home activity each week.

Seniors/1st Class Names 2015/2016

Jolly Phonics 42 sounds in order with a sample word.