Homework Note Week 13

Post date: 26-Nov-2017 22:41:56

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending our parent teacher meetings last week. This is a great opportunity for us to chat about how things are progressing. Please write a note on the homework page or send me an email if you have any suggestions or queries.

Aistear Theme: The Doctor

Grow in Love:There is usually an activity to be completed in it each week.

Super Troopers:We are on Purple Week 4. There are some fun activities to try at home.

Word Wallets/Tools for school: Please ensure that your child has all the sounds/names/tools. I often give dojo points to the children who have all of theirs.

Word Wallet activities.

1. Jolly Phonics Ask the children to make a word or words using the sounds (green cards) they already have. This week we are working on words that contain the “sh” sound.

2. This week we are working on words that contain the “sh” sound.

shop, fish, dish, wish, ship, shut, rush, short, shoot, shell, cash and shot

Sight Words: Match, say, make a sentence. Seniors are learning and 1st are revising tricky words 1.

We are talking about the doctor and learning about money. 1st class are learning about the types of homes. We are also practicing for our Christmas concert - Prickly Hay.


Mr. Gleeson.

Homework Monday-Thursday

Bookworm club reader/Word Wallet /Super Trooper - activities every night.

Grow In Love – weekly activity.

Seniors – Maths handout (½page each night)

Jolly Phonics Workbook 2 p14 & 15(½page each night) Add some colour !!

1st Class – Maths Handout (½page each night)

- Word list handout. Write 2 sentences per night. Don’t forget the 3 boxes !!

- Spellings 10 words (see spelling copy) (Test on Friday)

- Tables p26 9+ (Test on Friday)

- Leigh Sa Bhaile p23 (M+Tues) + p24(W+Thurs)

- Look at your home worksheet.

Tricky Words (List 1 and 2)

Jolly Phonics 42 sounds in order with a sample word.(Shaded)