Homework Note Week 27

Post date: 20-Mar-2018 09:13:04

Dear Parents,

Thank you for signing the Maths and phonics tests in the Homework folder. I have some more 1st Class to complete so you may see that soon.

We retested the children’s reading age after Literacy Lift Off. That ran for 6 weeks recently.

The results are as follows.

Reading Age after LLO. ____________

Age in March 2018 ____________ Difference ____________

Word Wallet activities.

1. Ask the children to make a word or words using the sounds (green cards) they already have.

2. Try to make these words

3. know, blow, low , crow, glow (Tues)

4. grow, tow, slow, yellow (Weds)

5. See if they can make other words with a “ow” but with the /oa/ sound.

6. There are no new red words this week

Aistear Theme: Travel

Grow in Love:There is usually an activity to be completed in it each week.

Super Troopers:We are on NavyWeek 3. There are some fun activities to try at home.

Word Wallets/Tools for school: Please ensure that your child has all the sounds/names/tools.

We are talking about St. Patrick’s day, There are always activities to be completed on studyladder.

I will give 5 dojo points for the child who completes the most activities over Easter. Have a great break.


Mr. Gleeson.

Homework Tuesday and Wednesday

Bookworm club reader/Word Wallet /Super Trooper - activities every night.

Grow In Love – weekly activity.

Seniors – Operation Maths Home Book P16 (½page each night)

Jolly Phonics Workbook 3 p21 (½page each night) colour

1st Class – Operation Maths Home Book P14 (½page each night)

Word list handout. Write 2 sentences per night. Don’t forget the 3 boxes and ? !!

- Spellings (see spelling copy) (Revision test)

- Tables -1 to-7 (Revision test)

- Leigh Sa Bhaile p116 (Tues+Weds)